How to verify credit card

Steps of plastic card verification:
    • Enter the data of your plastic card, select the currency USD and click “Proceed”
    • first

    • If there is an error you will see this page
    • minus

    • If you are successful verified your card you will see this page and redirect to the verification page automatically
    • plus

    • On verification page, in the column “Sum” enter the amount of payment that debit from your account. (If payment authorization is displayed in the currency of the card (for example MYR) you have to convert it into dollars (USD). To do this you should know the current sales rate on your bank’s website or by phone and canvert sum by the current exchange rate.)
    • confirm


  • All funds will be returned to you after the plastic card authorization process (in the period up to 7 days)
  • Potential reasons of authorization failure:
    • Data is entered incorrectly;
    • Back Office name does not match the name on the card;
    • Not enough money for payment authorization;
    • Bank card issuer declined the transaction;