Symbol Name Minimum
spread, points
Swap, points Trading schedule, GMT
Short Long Opening Closing Break


1) SWAP is charged at 22:00 (Greenwich Mean Time) based on above mentioned swap rates.

2) SWAP is credited or deducted in MetaTrader4 without reopening of positions.

3) Above mentioned SWAP rates are indicated for one business day rollover.

4) When rollover is carried over several days, weekends or holidays SWAP is multiplied accordingly. As example on Wednesday* at 22:00 GMT when rollover is carried over weekends (Friday to Monday) SWAP amount is tripled.

5) A temporary lack of liquidity in the market is possible during 20:55 to 21:10 GMT due to an interbank rollover, which may entail a significant increase in the spread. Also lack of liquidity can be observed during the opening of trading sessions on the interbank market on Sunday from 22:00 to 23:00 GMT and in the closing period from 20:00 to 20:55 GMT on Friday. It is necessary to consider this feature when planning trading.

*Rollover of open positions with USDRUB and EURRUB is carried out on Thursday at 22:00 GMT.