Myfxbook AutoTrade

autotrade_logoAutoTrade is one of the most advanced copy trading (mirror trading) platforms around with a sophisticated and intuitive web interface. Just as with Myfxbook’s service, AutoTrade is designed from the grounds up to be the most innovative, feature-rich and in the same time user-friendly platform for mirror trading.

AutoTrade is the next generation account mirroring service (trade copy). Unlike other similar services, this is what we don’t do and what we do:

We don’t show you thousands of losing systems
which you need to browse through, wasting your precious time.

We don’t allow demo traders to become signal providers
which will almost always end up badly for your hard earned money.

We don’t give incentives for bad trading
as with volume based incentives.

We don’t show unreal statistics with bottomless draw-downs
which are useless and misleading in the real world.

We don’t limit your demo trading experience
which only encourages you to quickly deposit (and lose) your funds.

We don’t require you to run any software
so no need to rent your own VPS or keep your PC running.

We hand pick the best systems only
helping you build your successful portfolio.

We allow only proven track records as signal providers
which trade a real money account.

We give incentives to signal providers only for profitable trades
aligning your and theirs interests.

We show real data with accurate statistics
helping you to reduce risk and increase returns.

We give you a free non expiring demo account
so you can move to a live account only when you are ready.

We’ve automated trade mirroring completely
so you can relax while trades are copied to your account automatically.

The AutoTrade service includes full technical support (by email) for clients at no charge. The client can email the support team directly at or use the ‘Contact Us’ page in the Myfxbook website.